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Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty or Eye Lift)

The expressiveness and appearance of the face
is largely determined by the eyes.
When it comes to evaluating the beauty of a person, the eyes play a crucial role.


The eyelids function to protect the eye from drying, intense light and mechanical forces.

However, as we age our eyelids undergo changes in elasticity, in the condition of the skin and in muscle tone. Eyelids can become slack, develop wrinkles or an excess of skin which may even interfere with vision. When the lower eyelid loses tension the eye may tear, but may also dry out. Bulging of the fat tissue cushioning the eyeball in the eye socket is known as bags under the eyes. The lachrymal gland is not involved with this condition.

Any change of the eyelids is immediately recognised as a change in expression or appearance. Both to the positive and negative. Thus, all surgeons performing eyelid surgery carry a huge responsibility. Nowhere else on the body are mistakes more obvious and nowhere else are surgical competence and experience revealed in a more fascinating way than in restoring an open and radiant look!

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Eyelid lift is a term used for upper or lower eyelid correction surgery (blepharoplasty). Prior to surgery, it is essential to perform a detailed analysis of the various anatomical structures of the eyelid and to precisely determine the amount of excessive tissue to be removed. This is crucial to ensure both the aesthetical and functional success of the procedure.

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