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Lip correction

The mouth and the lips
symbolise sensuality
and eroticism.

Lip correction:
For sensuous and attractive lips.

Full, red lips are more attractive than narrow, pale ones. The shaping and sculpting of the lips is an ever-present topic in plastic surgery and there is an abundance of possibilities available...

My new look:
A beautifully curved mouth with full lips.

We believe that the art of shaping and enlarging the lips consists in making the lips appear as natural as possible. Too-large and overfilled lips look unnatural and sometimes even vulgar. The perfect result is a moderately enlarged mouth with naturally and harmoniously curved lips that match the overall proportions of the face.

If you have any further questions or would like to learn more about a specific procedure, feel free to email us or arrange for us to call you back or make an appointment for a comprehensive personal consultation at our plastic surgery practice.


How is lip correction performed?

There are various procedures to enlarge and shape the lips. See below for an overview of the techniques we employ for lip correction at our practice in Munich:

Frequently asked questions about mouth & lips

What do I need to remember after the surgery?
What preparations are necessary?

How long does the procedure take and how much does it cost?
Autologous fat:
The procedure takes about 1.5 hours and costs EUR 1,200. Where necessary, a revision procedure costs EUR 600.

Hyaluronic acid:
The injection takes about 30 minutes and costs EUR 400 (one injection).

Polyacrylamide gel:
The injection takes about 30 minutes and costs EUR 650 (one injection).

We will be happy to find the optimum financing option for you together with our partner MEDIPAY.

What risks are associated with the procedure?
Autologous fat:
If part of the fat is broken down again, a revision procedure can be performed. Swelling is to be expected, which lasts longer on the upper lip than on the lower lip. Bruising may occur, but is usually not severe.

Hyaluronic acid:
Allergic reactions, lumps and infections are rare. Minor swelling and bruising may occur.

Polyacrylamide gel:
Since no long-term results are available, no specific statements can be made about any long-term risks. Theoretically, late infection, hardening and similar conditions may occur. Minor swelling and bruising are possible.

What type of anaesthesia is used?

Lip augmentation is usually performed under local anaesthesia.

When will the final result be visible?

The result of autologous fat transfer to the lips will be visible after about 10-14 days. It will then change only slightly over the next 6 months. That is how long it takes before no more swelling is detectable in the tissue. Only when the swelling has completely subsided is it possible to tell how much of the transferred fat has actually remained. Any revision procedure should therefore not be performed until 6 months after the first transfer.

The result of artificial filler injection will be visible after 2-3 days.