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of the labia majora

The outer lips (labia majora) are two large skin fold, surrounding the inner lips (labia minora).
They contain fat pads for the mechanical protection of the external genital area.
They are covered by thick, hairy skin and their composition and structure are homologous to the male scrotum.

In children and adolescents, the texture of the labia majora is firm and plumb.

However, with aging the skin of the labia majora can stretch significantly. In combination with the common age-related decline in fat tissue content and volume of the labia majora, this creates the look of flabby and long skin folds hanging down unsightly and potentially affecting function as well.


The surgical treatment involves the removal of excessive skin, tightening of the labia majora and the replacement of missing volume, where required, using autologous fat tissue. At times, fat tissue filling (augmentation) of the labia majora is all that is needed.

The excessive skin is removed by making a spindle-shaped excision along the fold between the labia minora and majora. This procedure can be performed under local anaesthesia without difficulty.

The body’s own ("autologous”) fat tissue is used to restore the volume and texture of the labia majora. The fat tissue is typically harvested from the outer aspect of the thigh under local anaesthesia, processed in a special way and then injected into the labia majora – all in one session.

This procedure is ideally suited to shape and restore volume of the labia majora. Usually, we add more volume than is actually needed as experience shows that some of the grafted fat tissue is absorbed. In contrast, the part of the grafted fat tissue that gains access to blood vessels and blood supply (approx. 50-60%) is preserved permanently.

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Before the surgery

Before the procedure, your genital area should be completely shaved. You will be prescribed a pain killer and an antibiotic. Please take this medications as directed by us a few hours before you undergo the procedure. After consultation with your GP, you should stop taking drugs with an effect on blood clotting (e.g. aspirin, ASA, warfarin, etc.) at least 14 days prior to surgery.

Unless you have opted for general anaesthesia, fasting before the surgery is not required.

After the surgery

Immediately after the procedure, you will stay for about 30 minutes in our rooms to rest and cool the genital area. After a visit to the toilet and a subsequent change of dressings, you can go home (or back to your hotel).

You should rest and not have to walk long distances. It would be best if you were accompanied by someone. Please note that you should not drive home yourself.

During the first hours after surgery, you should continue to cool the genital area and lie down most of the time. On the following day, we will change the dressing at our practice. You will be supplied with compresses and wound dressing material for the next days.

You should take the antibiotic for about 4 days in total and the pain medication as required, but at least until the second postoperative day. On the third postoperative day, you can start having a shower again, but do not use any aggressive soap (for 7 days).

Since absorbable suture is used, the stitches do not need to be removed; however, they may start to itch after a few days. In this case, you may apply a sterile wound ointment (e.g. Bepanthen, aloe vera gel) to soothe the itchiness or have the stitches removed on day 12 after labia correction surgery (either by us or your gynaecologist or GP).


Frequently asked questions aboout sculpting of the labia majora

How long does the procedure take and what are the costs?
Costs depend on the extent of surgery and the time involved: The reduction of the labia majora alone costs EUR 2,800; the operating time is approx. 90 minutes. In combination with labia majora or minora correction surgery, volume augmentation using autologous fat tissue costs EUR 1,600; volume augmentation performed alone as an independent procedure costs EUR 2,200.
Together with our partner MEDIPAY, we can work out the best financing option for you.

When will the final result be seen?
Approx. 80% of the swelling will have subsided after approx. 6 weeks. The remaining swelling, which will be hardly visible by then, will take comparatively longer to resolve, up to six months.

Can the sensitivity be affected?
After labia reduction/labia correction, paraesthesia may be experienced along the scar, but this will soon resolve.
Disturbances of sexual sensitivity are not to be expected.

Will it be very painful?
In the first night after labia reduction/labia correction surgery, patients usually experience a burning sensation and pain of various degree. However, on the next day after surgery these symptoms will have considerably improved or resolved altogether. Also, you will be given enough analgesics to control the pain, so usually this is not a problem.
So far, we have not been reported any pain during sexual intercourse. This type of pain is not to be expected after all, as the scar line is located outside of the “friction zone”. To the best of our knowledge, no permanent complication of this type has ever been described in the medical literature.

Are there any risks and complications associated with the procedure?
There are no serious risks and complications associated with labia correction/labia reduction. You have to expect some swelling and mild bruising. Typically, most of these will have subsided after a few days. In cases where more of the grafted fat tissue is absorbed than one would normally expect, the procedure has to be repeated.

When can I resume sporting activities?
You should avoid mechanical stress for 6 weeks, i.e. refrain from sporting activities, such horseback riding, cycling and jogging, during this time.

When in the menstrual cycle should I schedule the surgery?
The procedure can be performed during any part of the menstrual cycle, including the days you are menstruating.

When can I resume sex?
After labia correction surgery, you should wait for at least 6 weeks before resuming sex. Although the wounds have already closed, they are not yet very stable. If the wounds are exposed to mechanical forces, they may open up again.
In case only volume augmentation with autologous fat tissue was performed, you may already resume sex after 2 weeks