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Labial reduction

Labial reduction

Vaginal rejuvenation

Vaginal rejuvenation







Cosmetic gential / intimate surgery: Aesthetic surgery in the genital area

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Intimate surgery is a very private matter. Many women find it difficult to talk about their situation. Many of them often conceal their problem for years. Shame, fear or lack of confidence also plays a role. This is absolutely normal and understandable. But let me give you courage: Over the many years of my professional career, I have had the experience that especially patients who were initially sceptical or anxious about intimate surgery later told me that undergoing the procedure was the best decision of their life and that they should have made this decision much earlier.

15 years of experience in intimate surgery

I have specialised in intimate surgery for more than 15 years. During this time, I have performed more than 3,000 procedures on the female genital area. The procedures are based on techniques that I have developed. In science, these techniques have been counted among the leading surgical methods for years. My work is quoted on a regular basis in medical literature, at international congresses and in the media.

Today, many plastic surgeons or gynaecologists offer intimate surgery procedures. However, surgeries performed in a non-professional manner can make the situation worse, for example when it comes to labia reduction. Therefore, you should select your physician very carefully, since revision surgery to correct the poor results of failed procedures is often complex and challenging.

Procedures in the field of intimate surgery


Labia correction / Labiaplasty

The genital area is a part of our body which we only reveal to our partners in particularly intimate moments. Aesthetic procedures on the genitals, such as labia reduction, therefore need to guarantee that after the correction we feel comfortable even in the most intimate moments. Following a comprehensive consultation, we will determine together with you the treatment method that best suits your needs in order to achieve an optimum result.

Labia reduction

According to our – culturally shaped – idea, the female genital area is particularly attractive and aesthetic if the inner labia are covered by the outer ones, making them invisible, for example after intimate shaving. The surgical correction of too-long inner labia (labial hypertrophy) is performed in three steps that are carried out in a tissue-conserving manner with little bleeding using a type of laser scalpel.

Sculpting of the outer labia

When the proportion of fatty tissue in the outer labia decreases, for example due to age, the skin starts to stretch, resulting in the appearance of hanging, flabby skin folds. The skin is tightened by removing excess skin and is given more volume by injecting autologous fatty tissue.

Labia reconstruction

The procedure in the event of a failed labia reduction will be determined individually depending on the specific starting situation. We offer our patients consultation at our practice to provide more information on specific procedures and answer any questions.

Hymen reconstruction

An intact hymen is considered to be a sign of virginity in many cultures. If it tears, for example during the first sexual intercourse or as a result of inserting a tampon, it can be reconstructed by means of a safe surgical procedure.


Sexual intercourse is most enjoyable when the size ratio between the penis and the vagina is appropriate. Due to age, childbirth and hormonal influences, however, the muscles of the vagina and the pelvic floor may weaken. As part of a surgical procedure designed solely for this purpose, the vagina and the muscles of the pelvic floor are tightened and the skin of the vagina is bolstered up, ensuring satisfactory vaginal stimulation.

G-spot amplification

The G-spot refers to an area inside the vagina that has about the size of a coin and is sensitive to sexual stimulation. By injecting autologous fat, this spot can grow to twice its original size, enhancing the intensity of stimulation.

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