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Surgery in the intimate area is a very private matter. Many women find it difficult to talk about their situation. Many of them conceal their problem for years. Shame, fear or lack of confidence may play a role. This is absolutely normal and understandable. But let me give you courage: Over the many years of my professional career, I have made the experience that that especially patients who were initially sceptical or anxious about intimate surgery later told me that undergoing the procedure had been the decision of their life and that they should have decided to have it done much earlier.

More than 15 years ago, I specialized in intimate surgery. Since then, I have performed more than 2,500 procedures in the female genital area. The procedures are based on the techniques that I have developed. In science, these techniques have been some of the leading surgical methods for years. In the medical literature, on international congresses and in the media, my work is quoted on a regular basis.

Today, many specialists in plastic surgery or gynaecology are offering genital surgery procedures. However, surgery performed unprofessionally can make the situation worse, e.g. in case of labia reduction. Therefore, take care when you choose the surgeon you will ultimately rely on since revision surgery to correct the poor outcomes of failed procedures is often complex and challenging.

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