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VAGINAL Rejuvenation

According to Master and Johnson , the degree of sexual stimulation is
directly proportional to the friction forces during sexual intercourse.
It goes without saying that a small penis in a large vagina creates little pleasure.

Many couple suffer as the result of this fact. It is not uncommon that for this reason married couples split up because an essential element of the relationship between men and women got lost.

Of course, harmony in a partnership cannot be reduced to sexual satisfaction alone. Nevertheless, the desire for sexual fulfilment is one of the strongest and most original basic needs in humans. To live in a partnership which is harmonious and thus sensual too, couples need the ability to enjoy and to give sensual pleasures.


Compared with the options to improve libido and sexual potency available for men, women have less choices. From a medical perspective, this does not make sense. It would be much wiser if medicine paid more attention to women:

First, due to hormonal factors, giving birth and the natural aging process, the female genitals undergo a by far more dramatic anatomical change than those of men. Second, the surgical correction of anatomical changes and adaption to the partner is in general more effectively achieved in women than in men. The size of a penis can only be corrected marginally upwards, while its thickness virtually cannot be improved at all. In contrast, the size of the vagina of the woman can be changed almost at will, e.g. by means of vaginal correction (vaginal tightening).

If you are interested or have any further questions, feel free to email us or arrange for us to call you back or make an appointment for a personal and comprehensive consultation at our plastic surgery practice.


How does vaginal rejuvenation work?

The aim of the procedure is to create a tight and anatomically young vaginal anatomy, enabling both partners to experience pleasurable sex.

In principle, there are two ways of tightening the vagina:

  1. Narrowing of the vagina by means of tissue removal with narrowing and tightening of the vaginal muscles surrounding the vagina plus additional lining of the vaginal walls using the body’s own fat tissue (posterior and/or anterior colporrhaphy with tightening of the pelvic floor and Lipostructure).

This techniques is indicated when the vagina and the pelvic floor muscles have been stretched significantly, especially during childbirth. Correction of the pelvic floor can also treat pre-existing incontinence.

This method describes the maximum of what is possible in medicine today. It is very effective and successful.

The operating time is approx. 2–2.5 hours and the procedure is performed on an in-patient basis in the hospital. The hospital stay is 1–2 days.

This techniques involves the removal of a strip-shaped segment of the posterior vaginal wall over the entire length of the vagina and the tightening of the supporting tissue (fascia) surrounding the vagina; in this way, a cuff is created around the vagina as an additional support. The muscles surrounding the vagina, which form the pelvic floor, are also tightened and the vaginal canal through the pelvic floor muscles is narrowed. This creates additional external vaginal support and narrowing.

Without further incisions and scars, circular filling of the vaginal wall leads to narrowing as the result of augmentation.

Tightening of the anterior vaginal wall is required to treat pre-existing urinary incontinence or to narrow an extremely wide vagina.

We do not use artificial mesh material as this is associated with high complication rates.


Cross-section of the vagina with surrounding pelvic floor muscles (red)
and the connective tissue layer (white) below the vagina.
Removal of a segment at the posterior vaginal wall across the entire length of the vagina.

Tightening of the connective tissue layer (fascia), tightening of pelvic floor muscles, filling with fat tissue (yellow)



  1. Tightening of the vagina solely by injecting autologous fat tissue (Lipostructure) into the vaginal wall.

This technique is best suited if the vagina has a normal width and the pelvic floor muscles have not been previously stretched, i.e. generally for patients who have not given birth yet. This intervention can only tighten the vagina to a certain degree; this limit cannot be overcome. It suits women who can already experience satisfactory vaginal stimulation, but would like to increase and enhance it.

The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis and takes approx. 1 hour.

It involves circular filling of the mid third of the vagina (area of highest sensitivity) with autologous fat tissue.


Before the surgery

As with every surgical procedure, all blood-thinning medicines should be stopped at least 2 weeks prior to surgery. In addition, you should only take liquid food during the 24 hours before the procedure.

After the surgery

The wound is first checked on the day after the procedure. At this occasion, the vaginal pack placed during the procedure will be removed. In addition, you should take the medicines (an antibiotic and a medication to reduce swelling and pain) prescribed as directed. All stitches will dissolve by themselves.

Cross section of the vagina

Tightening of the vagina after filling with autologous fat tissue

Frequently asked questions about vaginal rejuvenation

Which treatment option should I choose?
Before the type of procedure can be decided upon, it is necessary to perform a physical examination. During this examination, the degree of laxity of the vaginal wall will be determined.

If only a minor tightening of the vagina is required, injecting autologous fat tissue as a filler into the vaginal wall may be all that is needed to achieve the desired effect. More pronounced widening may require tightening of the vagina, if necessary combined with tightening of the pelvic floor muscles. In patients with concomitant urinary incontinence (involuntary loss of urine), vaginal pelvic floor tightening with lifting of the bladder floor is required. This procedure is performed together with an experienced gynaecologist.

How sure can one be of the success of the treatment?
As mentioned above, the degree of pleasure gain is directly proportional to the friction forces during sexual intercourse, according to Masters and Johnson.

The aim of the procedure is to correct the shape of a vagina that has become too wide and to create an anatomical situation resembling that of a young woman who has not yet given birth. From experience we know that the procedure can significantly enhance and increase sexual stimulation during sex in both women and men so both partners are able to experience pleasurable sex again. As with any medical treatment, there is no guarantee of success.

Nevertheless, sexual stimulation is very successfully improved especially by vaginal tightening in combination with pelvic floor tightening.

What does the procedure cost?
Costs depend on the type and extent of the treatment (autologous fat injections, vaginal tightening, pelvic floor tightening) and range between EUR 2,500 and EUR 7,500. Only after a physical examination and a personal consultation, we can produce a cost schedule.

Together with our partner MEDIPAY, we can work out the best financing option for you. In case of the pelvic floor tightening procedure, costs for the anaesthetist and the hospital stay must be added.

When can I resume sex?
After pelvic floor tightening, you can resume sexual activity after 6 weeks, while it is 2 weeks after Lipostructure alone.

Is it necessary to remove stiches?
No, we use absorbable sutures.

Will I experience any pain?
In general, patients rarely experience pain after autologous fat injections. In contrast, pain can be expected after extensive pelvic floor tightening, especially a sensation of pressure on the perineum. However, you will receive adequate pain medication which will make it much easier for you to control it.

When can I resume sporting activities?
After pelvic floor tightening you should avoid strenuous physical activities and heavy lifting and keep pressing for stool to a minimum.
After autologous fat injections, you can resume any type of sporting and strenuous activities already after two weeks.

When in the menstrual cycle should I schedule the surgery?
The procedure can be performed during any part of the menstrual cycle. However, you should not use tampons for 6 weeks after surgery.

When can I take a shower again?
You are allowed to shower again on the second day after vaginal rejuvenation. However, for about 5 days you should only use clean, hand-warm water.