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Prof. asoc. Dr. Stefan Gress

Arm Lift

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Wearing sleeveless clothing during
the summer months
is a given for most women.

Can you imagine: It’s summer and you don’t have to worry about whether you’re wearing an sleeveless top – or maybe you’d rather hide what you don’t like about yourself:  Flabby skin on the upper arms or chubby arms. Just a small procedure and your arms will be firm again, so you can enjoy the summer the way you used to…

With the arms held out straight horizontally, plastic surgery models the shape and size of the upper arms so that they blend and harmonize with the proportions of the forearm and the entire body. The skin on the upper arm is taut, and sagging, excess skin is gone.

  • As with all surgical procedures, you should avoid drugs that increase the tendency to bleed (e.g. aspirin or ASS) beginning 14 days before the operation.
  • As a rule, the operation is performed under brief general anesthesia on an outpatient basis.
  • You should bring the appropriate compression garments with you so we can put them on you immediately after the operation. You should wear the garments for about 6 weeks.

Excessively pronounced upper arms usually result from too much fatty tissue. In this plastic surgery procedure, the excess fatty tissue is suctioned through a small skin incision, thus shaping the arm (liposuction). If a large amount of excess skin remains, it is removed with the scar running underneath the upper arm and disappearing in the armpit (arm lift).

After this plastic surgery, a tubular compression bandage must be worn to support the tissue and skin.

In an upper arm lift, the excess tissue on the underside of the upper arm is removed in a spindle shape

Wear compression garments for 6 weeks. Do not expose the scar to sun for about 6 months. The stitches dissolve on their own.

In Germany, it is not permitted to publicly display before and after pictures of cosmetic surgery. Of course, you can view sample photos at our office during your consultation.

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  • Author of the international textbook “Aesthetic and Functional Labiaplasty” (Springer Publishers)
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