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Prof. asoc. Dr. Stefan Gress

G Spot Intensification

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G-spot amplification or G-Shot often
leads to stronger sexual stimulation and enhances the
ability to experience orgasm

The term G Spot is used to describe the point in the vagina that reacts very sensitively to sexual stimulation.

It is named after the german doctor Ernst Gräfenberg, who reported on an “erogenous zone on the anterior vaginal wall, along the urethra, that swells during sexual stimulation” in an article written in 1950.

This region, which is roughly the size of a coin, is located approximately five centimeters from the vaginal opening on the anterior vaginal wall. The sensitivity of the G spot differs from woman to woman. In the scientific community, the mere existence of the orgasmic G spot is a controversial issue. When the G Spot is stimulated, a clear secretion can be produced, which is excreted from the vagina via glandular ducts or through the urethra. This is also known as female ejaculation.

(*26 Sept. 1881 in Adelebsen; † 28 Oct. 1957 in New York). He was a German gynecologist. Source:

Enlarging or “plumping up” the G Spot can often result in a considerable increase in sexual stimulation and ability to reach orgasm.

The anatomical enlargement of the G Spot increases frictional pressure during sexual intercourse and thus heightens sexual stimulation.
The enlargement is achieved by injecting autologous fatty tissue or hyaluronic acid. The aim is to increase the volume of the G Spot to twice its original size in order to achieve a sufficient increase in stimulation during sexual intercourse.

Video: G Spot intensification with hyaluronic acid

Video: G Spot intensification with autologous fat

No special preparation is required. As with any procedure, you should not take any medication (e.g. aspirin) that affects blood thinning at least 14 days prior to the procedure. Following a physical examination the day before and a detailed consultation at our practice, the procedure can be performed the day after.

A wound check with dressing change and removal of the vaginal tamponade is performed the day after the operation. Please take the medication (antibiotic and decongestant medication) as prescribed.

No sexual intercourse for two weeks

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