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of the hymen

A second hymen is especially important to women in Arab or Southern European countries for religious or social reasons.

Inventor of the
Composite Reduction Labiaplasty

This publication by Prof. Gress in the Journal of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery describes the world’s most renowned technique for labiaplasty. It not only reduces the labia minora below the clitoris, but also in the area of the clitoris and above. It also corrects a protruding clitoris (clitoral protrusion). This is the perfect technique if the outer labia are to completely enclose or cover the inner labia.

While the reduction of the labia minora was still considered rather unusual a few years ago, it is now part of the on the homepages of most plastic surgeons and an increasing number of gynecologists. gynecologists…

Textbook author and teacher
of female genital surgery and intimate surgery

International textbook by Prof. Gress Intimate genital surgery, especially for techniques to reduce the labia minora, to reconstruct the labia minora and for labia revision and to reduce the labia majora and for shaping the mons veneris.

Specialist for
Labia Reconstruction and Revision, Labia Reduction, Labia Correction, Vaginal Tightening

This publication by Prof. Gress entitled “Labia Minora Repair” in the Journal of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, describes the possibilities of reconstructing the labia minora after botched previous operations. The correction is described in particular detail when the labia minora below the clitoris have been excessively shortend and the clitoris protrudes too far (small penis deformity).

The demand for surgical procedures to treat the external female genital area, in particular labia reduction and labiaplasty has increased significantly in recent years…

Before/After Pictures
for Labia Reduction, Labia Correction and Labia Revision

over 12,500 operations in total

 over 7,500 operations in the female genital area

 over 30 years of experience

 Scientific leader

of Plastic Surgery

Prof. Gress is a member of numerous professional societies.

It goes without saying that Prof. Gress actively participates in the most renowned specialist congresses worldwide and organizes and conducts his own teaching events and lectures, in particular to ensure the highest international standards for surgical and treatment techniques, the »State of the art«.

Everything important at a glance
Hymen Reconstruction

Duration of surgery
1.5 hours

Combination dates possible
1st day consultation, 2nd day surgery, 3rd day aftercare

Local anesthesia

Outpatient in the practice’s operating room

Preparation before surgery
Complete intimate shaving, taking antibiotics and painkillers

Follow-up treatment
Compress inserts for 10-14 days

Convalescence period
Take it easy for approx. 1 week after the procedure, no sport (cycling, jogging, horse riding etc.) for 6 weeks, no sexual intercourse and no use of tampons

2,600 euros

Important information
Hymen Reconstruction


Getting there

The Result

How it’s done

The hymen, also known as the cherry, is a thin, elastic membrane consisting of fine fibers that partially blocks the vaginal opening. It is shaped like a ring and covers the vaginal opening. Discharge and menstrual blood can flow out through the opening of the ring.

Torn hymen
Reconstructed hymen

The function of the hymen is not entirely clear. Some scientists speculate it is supposed to protect the vagina against infections or foreign bodies during childhood. The hymen can tear not only during a woman’s first sexual encounter or by inserting a tampon, but also during sports, gymnastics, riding, cycling etc.

The hymen usually tears in a star shape in the first instance of sexual intercourse. The villiform remains of the hymen are separated using a fine laser and reassembled to form a ring-shaped membrane once again. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and takes about one to one-and-a-half hours.

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From a technical point of view, I have to admit that Doctor Gress works wonders. I had little hope, but he manages to reconstruct everything and I can now feel safe and pain-free.


Sarah M. / 2024

…I had a vaginal tightening and I must say this man has solved all the problems I had. I no longer have urinary incontinence and everything is perfect! I also had a labia reduction and I can only say: PERFECT! This man really is an artist! …More


Nancy W. / 2024

 I know that Dr. Gress is a luminary in his field and my very high expectations were met one hundred percent. I can recommend him and his incredibly friendly team without reservation!

Patient / 2024

 I would like to thank Prof. Gress for his great work. He did such a great job that you can’t believe it. One wonders the whole time how he did it? …More

Patient / 2022

„Pioneer of female genital surgery“

„The labia pope of Germany“

„The Vagina Picasso

Well known
from the media


Professor Gress is a member in the most important national and international specialist societies.


American Society of Plastic Surgeons


Deutsche Gesellschaft der Plastischen, Rekonstruktiven und Ästhetischen Chirurgen


International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery


International Confederation for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery

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