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Prof. asoc. Dr. Stefan Gress

Reconstruction of the hymen

Professor Gress is one of the
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A second hymen is especially important to women
in Arab or Southern European countries
for religious or social reasons.

The hymen, also known as the cherry, is a thin, elastic membrane consisting of fine fibers that partially blocks the vaginal opening. It is shaped like a ring and covers the vaginal opening. Discharge and menstrual blood can flow out through the opening of the ring.

The function of the hymen is not entirely clear. Some scientists speculate it is supposed to protect the vagina against infections or foreign bodies during childhood. The hymen can tear not only during a woman’s first sexual encounter or by inserting a tampon, but also during sports, gymnastics, riding, cycling etc.

In Arab and southern European countries in particular, the hymen has traditional significance before marriage. The important thing is that it bleeds the first time a woman has sexual intercourse on her wedding night as this is considered proof of intact virginity.

The hymen usually tears in a star shape in the first instance of sexual intercourse. The villiform remains of the hymen are separated using a fine laser and reassembled to form a ring-shaped membrane once again. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and takes about one to one-and-a-half hours.

No special preparation is required. As with any procedure, you should not take any medication (eg aspirin) that affects blood thinning at least 14 days prior to the procedure. Following a physical examination the day before and a detailed consultation at our practice, the procedure can be performed the day after.

Torn hymen
Reconstructed Hymen

A wound check with dressing change is performed the day after the operation. Please take the medication (antibiotic and decongestant medication) as prescribed. It goes without saying that you should not use a tampon or have sexual intercourse after the procedure as the hymen will tear again.

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