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Prof. asoc. Dr. Stefan Gress

Lip Correction

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“Red lips want to be kissed…”
and everyone that the mouth and lips
stand for sensuality and erotic appeal.

Full red lips are more appealing than a narrow, pale mouth. Lip shaping and modeling is a consistent topic in plastic surgery; there are many possibilities. The body’s own fat and hyaluronic acid are both suitable for lip injections, with each “filler” offering its own benefits for lip enlargement.

In our opinion, the art of lip shaping and augmentation is in making the surgical lip correction look as natural as possible. Lips that are too large and excessively injected look unnatural and unsightly. The ideal outcome of a lip correction is a moderately enlarged mouth with naturally and harmoniously curved lips that match the proportions of the entire face.

In plastic surgery, there are a number of different procedures to achieve lip augmentation and lip shaping. We would like to familiarize you with the methods we use for lip injections in Munich:

  • Lip injections using the patient’s own fat (Lipostructure, see chapter “Facial modeling using the patient’s own fat”): We prefer this procedure because there are no long-term complications to be expected and it can produce a beautiful, natural result. A new technique makes it possible to achieve permanent lip augmentation with the body’s own fat tissue. It was a long-held belief that using one’s own fat was less suitable for lip enlargement, since much of the transplanted fat eventually broke down. Since the beginning of 2005, an improved procedure (according to GLENN JELKS, New York) for implanting fat has yielded more lasting results. After liposuction and cleaning of the patient’s own fat, small skin pricks with a special cannula deliver the fat directly into the red of the lips (injection) under local anesthesia. This produces very precise and much more permanent lip enlargement and shaping, which can last a lifetime under the best circumstances.
  • Lip injections can also be done with substances from outside the body, such as hyaluronic acid (lasts about six months). This is injected directly into the lips under local anesthesia.

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