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Prof. asoc. Dr. Stefan Gress

Breast Augmentation

Professor Gress is one of the top specialists internationally

The breasts can vary greatly in terms of shape,
size and consistency, all of which constitute characteristics that may
undergo considerable changes in the course of a lifetime.

From a medical point of view, almost any desired shape or size of breast can now be attained. Breast enlargements are the most frequently performed cosmetic surgery in the world. A breast enlargement by Prof. Gress in Munich will give you the breasts you have always wanted.

Hormonal factors, the individual constitution of the tissue, pregnancy and breastfeeding, gravity and lifestyle, natural aging processes, etc. all play a key role in how breasts are shaped naturally.

Normal femal breast, cup size A

My new look
with beautifully and naturally shaped breasts

Every woman has her own idea of naturalness, the ideal size and shape of her breasts. They should blend harmoniously into the overall picture of the body and have a natural look and feel. Achieving this is the goal of a cosmetic breast enhancement at our Munich practice.

Before the actual procedure, we will make an appointment for your consultation in Munich, where everything will be explained and discussed in detail:

The desired size, shape, implant, access, risks and any other questions. Your expectations for the result will determine the choice of breast implant. The shape can be round or teardrop (anatomical), large or small. It should always be chosen to fit your upper body. The diameter of the implant is the key parameter: If it is too large, the breasts will rub in the middle or protrude to the sides, if the diameter is too small, there will be too much space between the breasts.

The implant can be placed on or under the pectoral muscle, depending on your anatomical situation. In very slim women who have little fatty tissue under the skin, we place the implant under the pectoral muscle. This is to prevent the breast implant from becoming visible, which would look very unnatural.

Breast implant in front of and behind (under) the pectoral muscle

The procedure

The operation takes place in the clinic under general anesthesia with a one to two-day inpatient stay. You will sleep during the operation, but you will not lie flat; the operation is performed in a semi-seated position, as this is the only way to assess how the new breasts look on you. The skin incision is made in the crease under the breast, at the edge of the nipple or in the armpit. This will be discussed with you before the procedure.

Blood and fluid are drained via drainage tubes through the armpit and removed before you go home.


Initially, you will be tightly bandaged around the breast. Please be careful when showering and do not get the bandage wet. The drainage tubes will be removed before you leave the clinic.  We will meet again in the practice a few days later, the bandage will be removed and you will be fitted with the special bra. We can obtain the bra for you if you wish, since we will already have your new measurements at the clinic. You are also welcome to get the bra yourself and bring it to the practice when you have the bandage changed.

In addition:

  • Lie and sleep on your back with your upper body slightly elevated and avoid any pressure on your chest.
  • Avoid any exertion and large arm movements.
  • Take at least one week off before returning to work.
  • You should avoid sports, saunas and strenuous activities for 8 weeks after the operation.


In Germany, it is not permitted to publicly display before and after pictures of cosmetic surgery. Of course, you can view sample photos at our office during your consultation.

Placement of a breast implant under the pectoral muscle, 305 ml,
from cup size A to C/D.
Only when optimally positioned does the implant produce a perfect result: The largest projection (implant height) must be directly behind the nipple, as in the patient shown above.
If the breast implant is too high, the nipple is pressed down, and vice versa: If the implant is too low, the nipple will be too high.

Breasts after enlargement with a 260 ml teardrop breast implant, placed under the pectoral muscle, from B to C cup.
Correction of a tubular breast deformity with a breast implant, round, 240 ml, on top of the pectoral muscle…
…by round breast implants placed above the breast muscles. Medically indicated.

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