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is a wonderful method
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What you would otherwise have to struggle for with long and tedious dieting can be achieved in a few minutes or hours through liposuction in Munich: get rid of the unsightly problem areas and there will be nothing more for you to hide.

Liposuction is a wonderful method for shaping the body. By making a small incision, we can shape large areas of the body without leaving long or visible scars.

A liposuction procedure at our practice in Munich can shape almost all areas of the body: Face, throat, double chin, upper arms, back, breasts and abdomen, and naturally the legs (especially saddlebags) and buttocks.

Regardless of the region, the contours of the body are visibly slimmer and more harmonious immediately after liposuction. The classic example is with adiposity of the hips and thighs, or “saddlebags”. These are isolated fat pads on the outside of the thighs (they look like riding breeches), especially in women. Exercise and diet don’t help. Liposuction is the only successful treatment, leaving your thighs looking slim afterwards.

On the face, liposuction can be used on cheeks and a double chin, giving the face a more distinctive shape. Liposuction is also suitable for reducing and shaping the stomach, hips, buttocks, chest, arms and back.

Smaller liposuction procedures are performed under local anesthesia. However, liposuction is usually performed under brief general anesthesia on an outpatient basis. More extensive liposuction procedures require an inpatient stay. Avoid blood-thinning medication (e.g. Aspirin) for at least 14 days before the procedure. Please obtain the appropriate compression garments and bring them with you to the procedure.

The area to be shaped is first marked with a pencil. The fatty tissue is then infiltrated with a solution that prepares the fat cells for liposuction and numbs the skin region. After the solution has spread evenly throughout the fatty tissue, liposuction is performed through a small skin incision with a special cannula.

Suctioning fat is not suitable for weight loss. However, a successful liposuction procedure generally serves as additional motivation to lose weight.

A syringe is used to suction small amounts of fat. Larger amounts of fat are removed with the suction pump.

After the procedure, a special compression garment must be worn for a few days to weeks; it will allow the skin and tissue to heal and help ensure a uniform result. Compression of the tissue is part of the treatment and should not be neglected.

In addition:

  • Wear the compression garment for at least six weeks and ensure that it provides uniform, wrinkle-free compression.
  • Drink plenty of fluids.
  • Get up as soon as possible and move without exerting yourself.
  • Avoid direct sunlight and the solarium for at least two months.
  • You should avoid strenuous activities and saunas for eight weeks after the operation.

In Germany, it is not permitted to publicly display before and after pictures of cosmetic surgery. Of course, you can view sample photos at our office during your consultation.

Frequently asked questions about liposuction

There are a number of different methods and devices for liposuction: laser, ultrasound, water jet, etc, and no method has clear advantages over others. Ultimately, it comes down to the skill of the surgeon. What use is a golden chisel to a sculptor if he doesn’t possess the talent to create a beautiful sculpture?

We use a hyperosmolar tumescent infiltration technique. It involves infiltration of the tissue with saline fluid. The slightly higher salt content makes the membranes of the fat cells more permeable, the fat cells lose their structure and are then easier to suction. In addition, the tissue fluid (the edema) reacts to the increased salt concentration (osmosis), which also makes it easier to suction.

  • Starting two weeks before liposuction, you should avoid medications that impair blood clotting (e.g. acetylsalicylic acid-based medications such as aspirin or ASS).
  • Because smoking fosters circulatory problems and promotes wound healing disorders, you should stop smoking two weeks before the liposuction procedure.
  • If the liposuction is performed on an outpatient basis, please make arrangements for someone to pick you up from the hospital or practice and look after you at home.
  • Purchase cooling packs to use at home after the operation.
  • In addition, please obtain the recommended compression garments.

Smaller liposuction procedures can be performed very well under local anesthesia. We prefer local anesthesia with twilight sleep or general anesthesia for larger areas.

For local anesthesia, the region to be treated is numbed by injecting an analgesic medication, usually together with a special solution that facilitates liposuction.

Liposuction is usually performed in twilight sleep at our clinic in Munich without a hospital stay. Following liposuction, you can rest and recover for a while at the clinic before being picked up. For major liposuction procedures, we recommend one night of inpatient care.

Whether or not an inpatient stay is necessary depends primarily on the expected amount of liposuction: The upper limit of an outpatient liposuction is 4 liters. An inpatient stay is necessary for larger amounts. The upper limit is 6-8 liters per procedure.

Incomplete shrinkage of the skin after liposuction can lead to excess skin, especially in older women and men whose tissue is no longer elastic enough; this tissue can only be removed with a scalpel. The upper arms and lower abdomen are examples of areas where, after liposuction, excess skin often needs to be tightened by removing excess tissue.

Depending on the volume of the fatty tissue and the suction method used, treatment of a body region takes approximately 30 to 90 minutes, plus preparation time (solution injection and exposure time). If liposuction is performed on several regions of the body in one session, surgery times of 2 to 3 hours or longer may be required.

The fee depends on the time required and ranges between 1,500 and 9,000 € plus anaesthesia. If the surgery is purely cosmetic (no medical indication), VAT of 19% is added to the costs.

We would be happy to work out an optional financing plan for you with our partner MEDIPAY in Munich.

  • Minor pain after a liposuction is possible and will be treated with painkillers.
  • However, it is more common to have the feeling of sore muscles.
  • There will always be some swelling in the area treated. Visible swelling will subside within one to two weeks.
  • Residual swelling that is hardly noticeable will subside much more slowly, with the final result visible after a few months.
  • Any bruising will disappear after about 7 to 10 days.
  • Temporarily, your skin may have a numb or “furry” sensation, which in some cases can last up to six months or even longer.
  • Depending on the extent of the procedure, you will be able to resume work after two to five days.

Liposuction permanently removes fat cells, which means that you will retain the resulting body contour. If you gain weight, you will gain more weight on those parts of the body that were not treated by liposuction.

Especially after an operation, varying degrees of swelling and bruising can be expected, but the majority of this completely subsides after a few days. A temporary “furry” sensation and the skin’s hypersensitivity to touch can also be expected. Contour irregularities are also possible risks.

Liposuction can be performed in almost any age group. However, best results are achieved when the skin is still elastic enough to lie smoothly on the areas that have been treated. In older people with decreased skin elasticity, the skin may not shrink back completely and additional skin tightening may be required.

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