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Medipay Installments

You can pay your treatment costs in convenient low-interest installments – with Medipay!

What is Medipay?

A low-interest and convenient financing for your co-payment or private billing on non-contractual, comfort medical services – both for statutory as well as private patients. Cheap. Easy. Fast. Individual. Discrete.

How does Medipay work?

Very easy! We will send you a medipay application. If interested, please fill it out, sign ands end it directly to medipay. medipay will get in touch and takes care of the entire process and correspondence. Once approved, you will receive the medipay confirmation form. Once payment is due, please send the form, completed and signed by you and your surgeon, back to medipay. The approved amount will be released for payment.

Who can use Medipay?

Medipay instalments are available to everyone whose main residence is in Germany, who are either employed or retirees and have a monthly income at their disposal. In cases where these conditions don’t apply, e.g. Students or non-employed housewifes, an alternative loanee is required, e.g. an employed parent, partner or spouse.

Medipay benefits
  • everything is possible – access to premium individual services of comfort medicine
  • comfortable low-interest installments
  • medipay can be used from as little as € 250
  • early repayment is possible
What’s next?

You can download the medipay info flyer including application in PDF format (340 KB, German only). Please fill it out and fax or send it directly to medipay.
Would you like further information? Call or email us!