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Patient Feedback and Reviews
on Labiaplasty / Labia Reduction

Each labiaplasty is a delicate work of art.

Having performed several thousand procedures, Prof. Dr. Gress has achieved the greatest possible level of qualification and perfection, which is reflected in the high level of satisfaction among its patients.

Read a few selected reviews of our patients below.

“After a nightmare of an experience with 3 unsuccessful labia surgeries in another practice, I was more than just desperate and at the end of my mental strength.

Fortunately, after doing some internet research, I quickly came across Prof. Gress, the recognized “Pope” in this field.

The following surgery (actually a reconstruction) was successful and led to a result I could not have wished for better.

This not only ended my surgical disaster, but also my long-term suffering.

Many thanks to Prof. Gress whom I can fully recommend!”

Source: Jameda

“Likeable, professional doctor and a luminary in his field. I felt very well looked after and am very satisfied with the result (labia reduction). The healing process was without complications and almost completely painless.

Scheduling an appointment was quick and easy. The entire team is very friendly, reliable and always willing to help. I can unconditionally recommend Prof. Gress.”

Source: Jameda

“”Professor Gress listens, understands the objective and implements it very competently. The result made me really happy. He took a lot of time for the follow-up care without charging extra. The team at reception is lovely.””

Source: Jameda

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Experience makes the difference

  • More than 6700 procedures in the female genital area
  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Inventor and developer of the “Composite Reduction Labiaplasty”
  • Internationally recognized top specialist
  • Author of the international textbook “Aesthetic and Functional Labiaplasty” (Springer Publishers)
  • Professor and Lecturer in Plastic Surgery