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Prof. asoc. Dr. Stefan Gress

Vaginal Rejuvenation: is vaginal laser treatment an option?

In short: 
Vaginal laser treatment (ThermiVa, FemiLift (Alma), CO2 Laser etc.) is either useless or harmful for vaginal tightening!

The industry soon realized that the desire for a fulfilling and stimulating sex life is a huge market. Not so long ago, various lasers and instruments resembling dildos were developed for insertion into the vagina to achieve a narrowing of the vagina primarily through heat and warmth to simulate the effect of surgical vaginal tightening or narrowing.

As already mentioned, sexual stimulation is mainly about friction. If the friction is not strong enough, there is no stimulation. The main reason for this is a disparity between the size of the vagina (more precisely, its diameter) and the penis girth. If the vagina and pelvic floor muscles have been greatly stretched after childbirth, it becomes difficult or impossible even for a man with a very large penis to fill the vagina and create friction through movement.

Vaginal laser treatment promises a shrinking effect on the vagina using heat. The aim is to contract the collagen fibers of the vaginal skin and thereby narrow the vagina in order to create stimulation again. The fact is, however, that only intense heat has the effect of tightening the skin and shrinking collagen fibers. The heat must be such that it burns or scalds the skin, corresponding to a second-degree burn. However, this would irreversibly damage the skin blood flow and also the sensitive nerves. The skin dies, necrosis develops and there is scarring with loss of sensation instead of soft, sensitive vaginal skin. This type of damage is irreversible. The heat from vaginal lasers offered for this purpose is therefore relatively low, producing only temporary irritation and reddening of the vaginal skin, and is therefore useless. These treatments are very expensive and have to be repeated at intervals, with the intention of eliciting even more money from you…

Vaginal tightening – the safest method!