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G-spot amplification

G-spot amplification or G-Shot
often leads to stronger sexual stimulation
and enhances the ability to experience orgasm.

The so-called “G-spot“ refers to a spot in the vagina which is very sensitive to sexual stimulation.

This area is named after the German gynaecologist Ernst Gräfenberg who reported in an article published in 1950 about an “erogenous zone” in the anterior wall of the vagina, along the urethra, which swells during sexual stimulation.

It is located about 5 cm away from the vaginal opening in the anterior vaginal wall and has about the size of a coin. However, the sensitivity of this spot varies widely. In science, there is controversy about whether a G-spot that triggers orgasm exists at all. When the G-spot is stimulated, a clear secretion may be produced that is discharged via glandular ducts from the vagina or via the urethra. This phenomenon is sometimes referred to as “female ejaculation“.



Ernst Gräfenberg
(* 26. September 1881 in Adelebsen;
† 28. Octoker 1957 in New York).
He was a German gynaecologist.

How does the amplification work?

The procedure is performed either under local anaesthesia or twilight sedation, according to the patient’s wish. G-spot augmentation is achieved either by the injection of autologous fat tissue or hyaluronic acid as a filler. The aim is to augment the G-spot to double its original size so as to achieve adequately intensified stimulation during sex.

Hyaluronic acid is a filler formulated as a gel that is used for body shaping and contouring. As a natural component of the skin, hyaluronic acid binds water and thus helps to maintain and add volume.

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G-spot augmentation by injection of a filler
(area of the vaginal wall highlighted in yellow)


What is involved with the intervention?

Before the intervention

No special preparation is required. As with every surgical procedure, all blood-thinning medicines should be stopped at least 2 weeks prior to surgery.

After the intervention

G-spot augmentation does not require a hospital stay. The intervention is performed on an outpatient basis. t only takes a few minutes to inject hyaluronic acid as a filler into the G-spot. Augmentation by injecting autologous fat tissue can take about one hour. On the day after surgery, a wound check with change of dressings is performed.

After the procedure, a vaginal pack is placed which is removed at the time of this wound check.

Frequently asked questions about G-spot amplification

Which treatment option should I choose?
Hyaluronic acid is completely broken down during the first 6 to 12 months, i.e. after this period the volume of the G-spot is back to what it was before the treatment. In contrast, injecting autologous fat tissue can bring about a lasting increase in volume of the G-spot. However, a proportion of the fat tissue may be absorbed. As a general rule, a permanent increase in the volume of the G-spot of 50-70% can be realistically expected when autologous fat tissue is injected.

How safe is the treatment?
The existence of a G-spot or at least an area in the anterior vaginal wall which is particularly sensitive to sexual stimulation has never been scientifically proven. There are women who cannot be stimulated vaginally. In contrast, other women experience a vaginal orgasm without difficulty.

The chance that augmentation of an erogenous zone enhances the ability to experience sexual stimulation and orgasm is approx. 70%. However, as with any medical treatment, there is no guarantee of success. The only way to find out whether it works for you is to give it a try.

How long does it take and what does it cost?
G-spot augmentation by means of autologous fat tissue injection takes about 1 hour and costs EUR 2,200. Augmentation with hyaluronic acid takes about 30 minutes and costs EUR 1,500.

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When can I resume sex?
With G-spot augmentation using autologous fat tissue or hyaluronic acid, you can resume sex after two weeks.

When can I resume sporting activities?
You can resume sporting activities after one week.

Is it necessary to remove stiches?
No, neither G-spot augmentation with hyaluronic acid nor with autologous fat tissue requires any suture. Therefore, no stitches need to be removed.

Will I experience any pain?
In general, filler injections are not painful.

When in the menstrual cycle should I schedule the surgery?
The procedure can be performed during any part of the menstrual cycle.

When can I take a shower again?
You can start to take a shower again on the second day after the procedure. However, for about 5 days you should only use clean, hand-warm water. You may only take a bath after one week.