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Labia reconstruction

Genital surgery and interventions
have surged in popularity in recent years,
especially labia minora reduction surgery.

However, labia reduction is not a procedure which is simply about “cutting something off”. To ensure that the best possible result with regard to appearance and function is achieved, the procedure has to be performed according to the highest standards with great precision and diligence. This requires many years of experience.

Frequently, labia reduction surgery is offered by colleagues as one procedure in the range of surgical services they provide, although they lack the required experience with this procedure. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon that this leads to aesthetically undesirable results or even mutilations. In such a situation, reconstruction surgery is often difficult or impossible to perform.

There is no standard method available for labia reconstruction after failed surgery; for each patient, the procedure has to be individually set up based on the physical findings and the initial situation.

However, there is indeed a deformity which frequently gives rise to complaints, namely too-short inner labia below the clitoris and around the vaginal opening. In many cases, the wound edges are jagged and uneven, resulting in an asymmetrical, extensively scarred and distorted appearance.

This often causes pain during sexual intercourse and deflection of urine flow. At the same time, there is still excess tissue in the area around and above the clitoris, which entails a very disharmonious appearance, often looking like a small penis.

In these cases, the excess tissue above the clitoris can usually be used for the reconstruction of the inner labia. However, in cases where no excess tissue is present anymore, the only option left is to reconstruct the labia using vaginal skin. Skin grafting is not an option because of the lack of sensation.

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